Donate now to provide a NEW studio for our community by August image

Donate now to provide a NEW studio for our community by August

A home for daily outreach programs for youth

$1,220 raised

$8,000 goal

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Donate now to provide a NEW studio for our community

Who Are We:

I opened The Cypher Spot in 2016 in Inglewood CA as a community outreach center, to offer positive, Christ-centered, fun activities for the youth of our cities. Between then and now we have provided free and affordable dance and art classes to over 300 kids and 100 adults. We gave youth the opportunity to perform and express at venues such as Universal Studios, the Orange County Fair, conferences, and more. We hosted international dance battles and workshops, giving artists from all over the world a place to express and call home. We've partnered with churches and other organizations to teach our students about the power of giving and love, participating in toy drives, food drives, charity events, and more.
What's Going On:
Sadly, in March of 2020, we just like every other business had to close our doors and later that year had to give up our space entirely.
However, that didn't stop us. We decided that God was calling us to keep giving during that time, so we started live streaming all of our dance classes and advertising them through Facebook. We put together daily classes (98 total) streamed through Facebook which pulled together over 30,000 views from all over the world (Sweden, Japan, USA, and more) all for FREE. We then decided that we would pull our efforts back in person and started meeting our local students in the park for some open air classes.
Today, we meet with our local students 2 times a week, Thursdays and Fridays in another local dance studio but its time for us to have a place of our own again.

Our students need a facility that they can call their own. A place for daily classes, not only in dance but in art, music, bible studies, youth groups, and much more. A place that they can comfortably go to get away and express what is on their heart. A place to call home. A place for parents to feel that their children are safe. A place for families to strengthen.

The Challenge:
With all of this I now challenge you. I challenge you to be apart of this. Not only do I ask for your support with start up costs but I ask for your support in prayer, time, encouragements, monthly financial support, and whatever else God is laying on your heart to do.
Our overall goal for this campaign is $30,000 by September but what we NEED right now is $8,000 so that we can pay our first months rent and deposit on our new building in Hawthorne. Extra money will go towards towards building costs, (rents and utilities), dance flooring, paint, equipment, and mirrors.

I thank you for your consideration and I look forward to your support for The Cypher Spot.